St Mary's Uttoxeter

From Showers to Flowers

24 Mar 2024 • Articles

There is a time-honoured legend which says that beautiful flowers sprang up at the feet of Jesus in the Garden of the Resurrection everywhere he walked on that first glorious Easter Day. In the city of Jerusalem there is a lovely, peaceful place called the Garden Tomb. There are always flowers in this Garden, and there is an ancient cave with a huge stone rolled back from its entrance, looking just as Mary Magdalene may have seen the actual tomb in which the body of Jesus had been laid.

After the solemn season of Lent, when there are usually no flowers in the churches, it is always a joy to see the sudden burst of colour as vases are filled with bright spring flowers, creating a special welcome for worshippers as they enter the church building for the joyful services of Easter, giving thanks for the resurrection.

Being Christians - followers of Jesus Christ - should bring us a special happiness at Easter-time. Easter makes sense of everything in this world, and fills us with hope for the next world, too. God showed his power in bringing Jesus back to us for ever in the new risen life of the resurrection, so that we could know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour for ever, and through his Holy Spirit God has given us the Church, to help us to learn and to stay together as the family of God here on earth. With so much love from God our Father, we should never be afraid of anything, and we should never give up finding new ways of serving God to show we love him.

With every blessing for you and all those you love this Eastertide,