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  • Weekly Newsletter 17 November 2019

    15 Nov 2019 • Weekly Newsletter
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  • Weekly Newsletter 03 November 2019

    7 Nov 2019 • Weekly Newsletter
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  • Weekly Newsletter 10 November 2019

    7 Nov 2019 • Weekly Newsletter

    Weekly Newsletter 10 November 2019

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  • Remembering

    1 Nov 2019 • From the Vicar

    An article of remembering by Rev. Margaret Sherwin

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  • Weekly Newsletter 27 October 2019

    27 Oct 2019 • Weekly Newsletter
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  • Looking to do something new in 2020

    27 Oct 2019 • General news

    Are you looking to do something new in 2020?  St Peter's in Alton will be running the Living Faith Course on Wednesday evenings commencing 8th January.

    In a world in which few people have time for church, and lots of people find the Christian message irrelevant, it’s not surprising if many Christians feel a bit unsure of themselves and would like the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith. Faced with unspoken doubts about … God… … the world … our own experience … the Bible … what we’re here for … where it’s all going, its all too easy to avoid the big questions.

    The Bishop’s Certificate Course: Living Faith helps us to find the confidence to live for God in an indifferent world, by deepening our understanding of the past, present and future of the people called Christians.

    It is an introductory course for all people who want to learn more about the Christian faith and discipleship. It follows the seasons of the Christian year, and looks at some key aspects of Bible study, belief and the work of the Church. It ties in with the worshipping life of the Church as we journey through the Christian year and mark the key seasons and festivals. It is possible to start at the beginning of any of the modules. Each module includes a film night and a group meal. At the group meal, participants are encouraged to talk about some of the things they have been thinking about during the course, and to make connections between these themes and the experiences and circumstance of their own lives. 

    +Epiphany + Lent + Holy Week + Good Friday + The ten weeks of this term focus on the period between Christmas and Easter. The module is particularly concerned with the story of Jesus’ death and the events that lead up to his crucifixion. We explore what the narratives of Jesus’ Passion—his suffering, tell us about who he was and is. We consider why this matters to us today and reflect on some of the layers of meaning of Jesus’ persecution and death. The module begins with the new year, and explores the way in which God constantly offers us new starts.

    + Easter + Ascension + + Pentecost + Trinity + This term begins with the celebration of Easter; the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ which changes the world, and our relationship with God forever. As the term continues, we look in more detail at who Jesus is, and why Christians believe he lives today. We then explore some of the key beliefs of the Christian faith, including the understanding of God as Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The module moves on to explore how these beliefs are made manifest in the Christian life and we examine what it means to be part of the Church and to have Good News about who we are, and who God is, that we want to share with others. 

    + Ordinary + Harvest + Advent + Christmas + The first part of the term explores the Christian understanding of creation, and asks why it is important that we identify God as the creator of the world, and indeed the universe. It goes on to explore some of the implications of this in terms of our responsibilities to the natural world and to one another. These themes are brought into focus by the Christian festival of harvest. The sessions reflect on both our thanksgivings for plentiful harvests, and the way in which we continue to worship when the harvests are poor.
    The second part of this term focuses on Christmas and the importance of Jesus coming into the world as one of us. We explore the period of advent, preparation to encounter God amongst us and ask what difference it makes to believe that God chose to become incarnate, to become human as we are, that we might truly know Him. 

    For more information please visit or contact Rev. Brian Leathers on 01538 702469

    To sign up to the course please contact the Area Co-Ordinator on 01889 562915 or

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  • From the Old to the New

    25 Oct 2019 • Articles

    An article for All Saints-tide by Reverend Ann Tarper, Retired Stipendiary Minister

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  • Weekly Newsletter 20 October 2019

    18 Oct 2019 • Weekly Newsletter
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  • Perseverance & Patience

    11 Oct 2019 • Articles

    Dear Friends.

    Just this last week I have experienced two pleasant surprises. As many of you know I dabble with Meccano when the opportunity arises, and, after building about fifty clocks of various designs I have managed to build one that actually works. Secondly I discovered a very welcome guest in my garden late one night in the shape of a small hedgehog.

    What has all this to do with a Christian message? I feel that perseverance and patience does eventually pay off in what ever sphere of life or faith we are in. As I pray for the Churches in our area I find it easier if I can picture the members of the relevant congregations. Sometimes it feels as though the numbers are dwindling and then all of a sudden God sends us some more people to care for. This also occurs in the world outside our buildings, when, through our daily contacts with people we show God’s care for them in the way we act and live. Little do we realise that for some a smile and hello could be the only contact they have with the world outside their home, the highlight of their day. People are getting more and more insular with the widespread growth of the internet for shopping and other social media sites. The sudden cancellation of a bus route whether through dwindling numbers of passengers or the difficulty of accessing places can mean a person does not meet anyone for days on end, becoming more and more house bound and lonely and depressed. The loss of a loved one may leave their partner, not just full of grief but also suddenly very alone and vulnerable. These days of families living far apart causes major problems for them, they cannot spend the time they would like with their parents or children.

    The arrival of the hedgehog has answered all the little signs, from the drag marks on the lawn on a dewy morning to the sudden absence of slugs and snails. This happened at a time when the Gospel readings were talking of us watching the weather and winds to know what to expect next when to plant, when to harvest. It is also a timely reminder of our need to care for this wonderful planet that God has given us to live on. We have been hearing of our young people taking a stand against more and more pollution. The forest fires in the Amazon destroying the rainforest, the hurricanes that are becoming more prevalent and more violent, causing more damage and more sadly more deaths and injuries. What can I do? I hear you say. I know it is increasingly more difficult for people in rural areas to do without cars but perhaps trying to cut out one journey a week will help. It may seem insignificant in the great scheme of things but every little drop helps to fill a puddle, and every little puddle helps to fill a brook, etc, etc.

    Love and Peace,


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  • Weekly Newsletter 13 October 2019

    11 Oct 2019 • Weekly Newsletter
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