St Mary's Uttoxeter

New Hope for the New Year

22 Dec 2023 • Articles

As each old year draws to a close, it is natural to wonder whether the new year will bring snow or sunshine, or maybe a happy combination of both.

The parties and pantomimes, food and frolics of the old year may be over, but the message of each Christmas card and carol still holds good. Jesus Christ has come into this world, bringing us God’s new covenant - the promise and assurance of a new creation and lasting reconciliation. Jesus lived a fully human life, with us, for us and among us, and showed us that we can live our lives keeping close to God. The season of Epiphany, which follows Christmas, describes Jesus being made known to the world as he grew up and as his mission and ministry began.

This January, do not let thoughts of the Christ-Child simply fade away, let them grow and mature into thoughts of Jesus as an adult; consider all he said, all he did and all the hope he offers us. Let one of your New Year Resolutions be to take out your Bible, find Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's Gospels at the beginning of the New Testament and read theirinspiring words. Just a chapter a dayis enough to read them all by Easter, bringing real joy and celebration when spring approaches.

With every blessing for a happy and peaceful New Year,