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1 Dec 2023 • Articles

Dear Everyone,

Advent is a very special time of the year, as long as it doesn’t make us panic about Christmas! It is often a time when we feel overwhelmingly busy making preparations and trying to keep all the family happy, or perhaps mourning for a family that is not as complete as we would like. We have an “ideal” that we aspire to but then get despondent when our aspirations of perfection don’t work out according to our plan.

God prepares for the birth of Jesus too, he was preparing long before the number of sleeps was countable, and he will also prepare us if we allow him to!

God’s plan didn’t appear to be a perfect one and yet all the key things slotted into place, and it had taken a long time with lots of actions, lots of waiting and lots of people. Patriarchs, prophets and writers and then suddenly; Quirinius called a census, Mary said “Yes ok”, Joseph had the guts not to break off the engagement and we arrive at the birth of Jesus the Saviour of the world.

I have recently read a book called “The Art of Being Brilliant” recommended through my work in the NHS, the main theme was “Choose to be positive”. There is lots to be positive about but it was not a Christian book, and how much more we as Christians have, to be positive about, knowing that God is involved in the world and interested in us as well. It is so easy to spend more time counting the things that are going wrong and despairing than observing and experiencing the blessings we do have.

Perhaps during Advent, we should actively choose to be encouragers and to behave confidently about our Christian faith even when there are setbacks or obstacles. One day God’s massive plan will be completed and fulfilled through Jesus Christ our Lord, let’s join in with the preparations positively!

Let’s recognise God’s blessings through Advent and Christmas.

With best wishes


Lucy Toyn Reader Uttoxeter Area