St Mary's Uttoxeter

The Church Year

25 Oct 2022 • Articles

November begins with All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, and the month continues with the Sundays before Advent which end the traditional Church Year.

The Christian Year starts with Advent Sunday and the four Sundays of Advent, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, at Christmas. Then, Christmas-tide leads to Epiphany, with Jesus being presented to the world. We go on to consider our Lord's ministry among us, and Lent prompts thoughts of our frequent failing to heed his call and to realise our need for his grace and mercy. Holy Week faces the faithful with the suffering and death of the innocent Son of God, all caused by human pride, jealousy, greed for money, and the search for power. Joyfully, the triumph of righteousness in the resurrection greets worshippers on Easter Day, and Ascension Day brings Eastertide to a close as we think of Jesus ascending to his Father and being crowned in heaven, to reign for all eternity.

Pentecost, or Whit Sunday, commemorates the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples as Jesus had promised, filling them with courage to become apostles, leaders and teachers of the Christian faith. Finally, the season of Trinity fills the summer with thoughts of the united action and love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and all that has been achieved in this world in the name of Jesus.

The last Sunday of the Christian year is our celebration of Christ the King, which falls this year on 20th November. Jesus is our King in heaven, the ruler, protector, example and guide of every faithful Christian. Rejoicing to proclaim Christ as our eternal King is a fitting end to the Church's year of commemorations and celebrations; it sums up everything which has been read from the Bible and all our thoughts and discussions and prayers since Advent began our year last autumn.

With every blessing as your year unfolds,