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Spring has sprung!

6 Jun 2022 • Articles

Spring has sprung!

What a difference a few days make with warm weather! Everywhere new shoots of trees and shrubs are bursting out with that wonderful lime green colour. Blossom has decorated our gardens, streets and fields and now it feels we are at an amazing wedding with confetti all around. Sheep and lambs dance around the fields and cows are gallivanting around so pleased to be outside after a long winter inside. It really makes you feel good to be alive! We are woken in the morning by the chorus of birdsong as they make their preparations for new birth.

As an artist I love this time of year as everywhere is so full of colour and everything feels washed and new. With the colours so brilliant and clean. It really is a good time of year!

Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd, is one of the psalms that really feels appropriate for this time of year. What a wonderful song it is, David certainly knew how to put words together to show his love and confidence in God. And no wonder this psalm is used both for weddings and funerals as it touches our hearts in so many different ways. To express our confidence in the love and care that God will show us no matter where we are in our lives, in sadness and in joy.

I think it is also most appropriate for the one big thing we will all be celebrating this June – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! The Queen as head of the church has a very strong faith and I’m sure that she too finds this psalm one that she loves.Knowing that her Lord is with her always no matter what life has thrown at her.

I hope that whatever you are doing to celebrate the 70 years our Queen has reigned, will be a time of fun and laughter and joy as we all get together in many different ways across the area of churches.

Nick Fawcett is a writer whom I admire very much, has written some lovely prayers that speak so easily in words that I and you might use everyday. So I finish with this prayer.

Higher than my highest thoughts yet always close by my side, greater than I could ever imagine, yet made known to me in Christ, more powerful than words can express yet having a special concern for everyone.

Though I wander far from you, always you seek me out. Though you sometimes seem distant, always you are near. Though you reign over all, you are here by my side, your hand reachingout to bless.

Whatever I face, wherever I am, you are there, always at work, your love sure, your goodness constant, whether I see it or not. Loving Lord, we worship you.



Maggie Hatchard, Licenced reader UAP.