St Mary's Uttoxeter

Sundays Before Advent

24 Oct 2021 • Articles

As winter approaches, November has four quite varied weeks before Advent begins on 28th November.  During the green season of Trinity, thoughts were naturally turning to all the glories of summer fruits and flowers which God has given to us in this world and to all the good things that God has done for us here on earth.  Now it is time to think a little about the next world, about how our lives have blossomed and borne fruit and about what we have done and are doing now for God.

All Saints' Day is the first day of November, a day when we are reminded of the many men and women whose faith has been such a strong example and encouragement to others that their names have been passed down and their place in heaven is sure.  The next day is All Souls' Day, a day for thanking God for all the Christian people who have been special for us and who now rest in Christ's peace;their names may not be known to many people on earth, but they are known to God.

Remembrance Sunday is 14th November.At services throughout the country, churches will be following a century of tradition by reading aloud the names on their parish War Memorials and repeating the words, 'We will remember them'.

Sunday 21st November is the day when we celebrate Jesus Christ as our King - the King of the world, both earth and heaven.  This important day helps us to know Jesus as the one through whom God made the world, the one who keeps the world in existence, the one who has redeemed the world and saved us from the results of our selfishness, and the one who has overcome death and opened eternity.  Everyone who has real, active faith in Jesus can be assured that after this life there is a new life in God's heavenly kingdom, rejoicing as we gather around Christ's throne.

With every blessing for your life, in this world and the next,