St Mary's Uttoxeter

The Spirit of Truth

26 Apr 2021 • Articles

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life ."Jesus lived among us, as one of us, here on earth. He showed us the way to become close to our heavenly Father, demonstrating the fullness of truth as it exists in God and the reality of eternal life through God's Holy Spirit living in all who believe and trust in God.

As May begins this year we continue to celebrate and consider the wonderful resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day. During the forty days which followed, the risen Jesus walked and talked with his disciples again, teaching them many things which they had not been able to understand before. They would have liked these days to go on for ever, but Jesus explained that he had come from God and would be returning to God, and that he would send them strength and encouragement.

Ascension Day this year is Thursday 13th May. This marks the day when Jesus ascended into heaven, returning to the place which had been his from the beginning of eternity, with his heavenly Father in the company of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 23rd May is the Feast of Pentecost, the day on which the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, just as Jesus had promised them. It was only seven weeks after the crucifixion; the disciples were still anxious and they did not know what to expect, but suddenly a rushing wind seemed to surrounded them, blowing the sparks of their faith into flames of courage so that they went out into the crowded streets of Jerusalem to tell everyone that the risen Jesus was the Messiah, their Saviour.

The final Sunday in May this year is Trinity Sunday, celebrating the three persons of the Holy Trinity, the three aspects of the one God. God is one, whole and unique, but we know God in three ways. St. Patrick explained the Trinity as being like the three parts which make up one whole clover leaf. In modern terms, you might think of God the Father as the manager of a restaurant, with Jesus as the head chef and the Holy Spirit as the head waiter. The finest food is given to us without charge, but we must not just be customers, placing orders and expecting to be served, we also have work to do, cooking the food and delivering it to the people who are only beginning to know all the good things that God has to offer.

Enjoy the beauty of God's world this summer,