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New Year - New Challenges

1 Jan 2020 • Articles

New Year – New Challenges

Happy New Year! 

Another twelve months have rolled past, and it's a new year, and the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our churches. Well, in the "management" of our mission, with the new Area Team Council meeting for the first time on January 6th. Look out for the challenges from Margaret as she invites us to look for our 20;20 vision, for ourselves, our churches, and our communities.

But what about something for each one of us to engage with 2020? Hope UK are encouraging us to pray for 20 minutes, on the 20th of each month, at 8.20pm (20;20!), and we have business cards available to help us all remember to do this too. I'm going to try and do this. Will you?

What will I pray for, in those 20 minutes? Where will I pray? How will I remember to set aside that time each and every month? Will I make some notes to remind me about my prayers?

However I manage to do it, I know that God will be listening and will be responding too. And I know that He will love me for trying, and for wanting to know more about His love and His ways in this life of mine. And at least I don't need to think of any more New Year's Resolutions now - that's already sorted!

Please do pray for all this new activity with the Team Council, using the Area prayers for January (which I have also written!) and be supportive, encouraging and interested as we learn to grow more together as an Area.

Always pleased to see you in person in the Area Office at St Mary's Uttoxeter! Come and say hello.

Lesley White

Area Coordinator.