St Mary's Uttoxeter

From the Old to the New

25 Oct 2019 • Articles

November begins with the days which are dedicated to All Saints, Christians who are known to have given a strong example of faith, and All Souls, all faithful Christians, known and unknown.

The second Sunday in November is Remembrance Sunday, when Christians in many different time-zones around the world stop for a moment to keep each other company in respectful silence and reflection upon the many lives cut short by war. They will not grow old, but the young ones of our world will have a better future if their elders can learn to live together in peace.

The final Sunday of November is dedicated to Christ the King. Ironically, Jesus taught about the peace of his Kingdom, yet almost the only time he was called a king was when he stood, battered and bleeding, before Pilate at his mock trial, and on the inscription over the cross when those who opposed peace and love thought they had triumphed over him. But no one can triumph over God, and now Jesus reigns in heaven as our king.

The celebration of Christ the King is always the last Sunday before Advent, marking the end of the Christian year and the completion of our annual meditations on our relationship with God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you all, this year and next and always,