St Mary's Uttoxeter

A Harvest of Faith

25 Aug 2019 • Articles

At the end of the sixth century, St. Gregory the Great sent St. Augustine to England. He came obediently, with his assistants, bearing letters of introduction from the king and queen of Paris.

When he made the long journey from Rome and landed near Canterbury, St. Augustine must have expected to settle and spend the rest of his life in England, teaching people about Jesus and leading their worship of God. Whatever his original reluctance to leave his home and travel to an unknown country, he knew he had the support of Pope Gregory, and he was preparing for the work which God had called him to do in the many years ahead.

St. Augustine was blessed by being accepted by the people of Kent, who willingly worked with him, and so the Christian faith became established there, enabling the Church to spread across England, joining with the Celtic Church.

In modern ministry, too, priests can find themselves being sent to work among strangers in places they do not know. Much of the success of their mission will depend upon the eagerness with which people in different parishes respond to the Word of God.

Pray with me that God will continue to raise up faithful Christians who will offer their lives in the service of his Church.