St Mary's Uttoxeter

Holy Week and Eastertide

25 Mar 2019 • Articles

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, the final week of Lent, and Christian thoughts are with Jesus and his followers in Jerusalem.

Holy Week brings some of the most moving services of the Christian year and some of the finest English hymns. 'There is a green hill far away' and 'When I survey the wondrous cross' are often sung by people walking round a church and stopping to think about Jesus carrying his cross along the Via Dolorosa. On Maundy Thursday Christians remember the Last Supper and Jesus going out to the Garden of Gethsemane, preparing himself for the crucifixion, his death on the cross, which we commemorate on Good Friday.

In complete contrast, Easter Day is the day of the resurrection, the day which makes sense of the tragedy which went before, a day which is understood so much better by those who have thought seriously about the events of Holy Week. Easter Day brings joy and gladness, for it brings us the good news that Jesus rose to new life because he truly is the Son of God, and everyone who believes in Jesus and follows him shares his life.

Every Sunday is a little Easter Day, because every Sunday of every year all around the world Christians celebrate the good news of the resurrection and share the life which Jesus offers us through his sacrament of Holy Communion. There are no entry requirements to come to church - it costs nothing, there are no tests or exams - and you might even be offered a cup of tea or coffee after the service. Everyone is welcome in church, so join us this Eastertide.