St Mary's Uttoxeter

Anglican Parish Bulletins

In response to this current climate we are placing all our Sunday sheets online to help you reach our congregation over the coming weeks and months. We will also be providing a homily for each Sunday for you to use. For more resources including ones for Children please visit the Redemptorist website

We hope this goes someway to create a sense of togetherness, especially for those living in isolation.

Sunday Link 17 May 2020 - Sunday Link is a weekly bulletin particularly designed to emphasise the "link" between our Christian faith and everyday life. Every week there is a Bible reflection, prayer, and a series of shorter articles.

Live the Word

This bulletin helps Christians develop their faith during the week, encouraging us to join in reading the cycle of daily readings. Offers a short commentary as well as a longer, independent article.

Live the Word 18 - 23 May 2020