St Mary's Uttoxeter

Faith Confirmed

26 Nov 2021 • Articles

St. Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth, "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.  "Christmas probably meant plenty of eating and drinking for most people, while the New Year often means resolutions to eat and drink less in future !  Self-indulgence followed by self-denial – or just the proof that turkey is less delicious after the fourteenth recipe for left-overs?

Fortunately, the recipe for glorifying God never fails.  Take a pound of hope, a pint of good cheer, a glass of self-knowledge, a box of Bible bits, a litre of love, a pinch of wonder and an ounce of awe;stir them up and let them settle over a warm flame of prayer and thankfulness, then savour slowly with plenty of faithful company.  Giving glory to God brings joy to the giver, and the more you give the more you discover you have left to enjoy giving in the future.  In this way, those who glorify God become part of that glory themselves, feeling the warm glow of his goodness.

Even beginners in faith share in the wonder of God's kingdom.  From the day when a child is baptised, or from the moment when someone who was not christened as a child first thinks of being baptised, the work of the Holy Spirit can be seen. Then, at confirmation, the Spirit strengthens and increases each person's faith and the newly confirmed Christians take their place and are fed at our Lord's fellowship meal of Holy Communion, the Church's commemoration of the Last Supper.

This December, however busy you are with baking cakes and planning presents, take time to remember that without God's greatest gift to the world, Jesus Christ, there would be no Christmas.  Think of the baby Jesus, born into a humble home, growing up to glorify God, giving himself to this whole world.  Don’t just grow in girth from too much Christmas pudding, grow in God's Holy Spirit and God's love.

With every blessing for Christmas and the New Year,