St Mary's Uttoxeter

Trinity Continuing

25 Jun 2021 • Articles

The green season of Trinity continues throughout the summer, with the colours on many church altars and priests' stoles reflecting the bounty of God and the beauty of his creation in the green world outside.

We are surrounded by the evidence of God's love in the wonders of the universe. Science can never prove or disprove the existence of God, but could all the complexities of nature really have come together without a loving, guiding hand ?

Living without faith is like going on a journey without a map, guide, trusted companion or real destination. The journey might be interesting, even exciting sometimes, but it will have no lasting purpose or meaning. Why spend time and energy travelling if you are not sure of the address at the end ?

Many people look at faith as an optional extra. Their bodies work well for years without it; their minds prefer to avoid the exercise it takes to think out what they believe; their emotions are too busy falling in and out of human love to care about whether God loves them or not. While everything is all right they hardly notice that they have no firm foundation to build upon. Then something shakes the world they have built so that it comes crashing down and is soon buried in the sand.

Those who know God through faithful thought and worship will still not be completely protected against the storms of life, but they have the resources and power of the Holy Spirit to support them when adversity comes. Those who put our heavenly Father first, in his rightful place as the Lord of time and space, have God's Son, Jesus Christ, as their companion, God's Holy Spirit as their guide, and God's heavenly kingdom as their destination, goal and home for ever.

Travel with the Holy Trinity this summer, be blessed and be joyful.

With every blessing,